11277517 - INVERTER EC-C1200-450-L+MC300+AFE300+] - EDITRON
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11277517 - INVERTER EC-C1200-450-L+MC300+AFE300+] - EDITRON

Features and benefits

  • Extremely compact design weighing 15 kg
  • High enclosure class IP67, sealed from moisture and dust
  • Ambient temperature up to +105°C and down to -40°C
  • Coolant temperature up to +65°C
  • Robust design withstanding high levels of mechanical vibrations and shocks
  • Designed specifically for the highly cyclical loads typical in heavy mobile work machines

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Current up to 350 Arms continuous as AC-converter and up to 400 ADC continuous as a DC/DC-converter.

The EC-C1200-450 is a heavy-duty converter. It is specifically developed for electric or hybrid drive trains in mobile work machines, buses or marine vessels. Our electric converter can act as motor inverter, active front end, DC/DC-converter, or to create a microgrid.