Pompa ad Ingranaggi - SNP2NN/011RN06SAP1E6E5NNNN/NNNNN
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SNP2NN - Group 2

Turolla aluminum gear pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications. 

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Gear Pump

  • Body made of aluminium alloy and cast iron to withstand high pressure. Pipe connections,in line with the market standards
  • Hardened gears made of special high-quality steel. Excellent surface finish
  • Supports with self-lubricating PTFE-based bushings for high performance and long life
  • Front flange in 6 different versions, in line with the market standards
  • Newly designed gaskets to withstand high pressure and prevent leakage
  • Oil seal with built-in support ring and dust guard lip to withstand both internal and external pressures
  • Through-shaft for tandem connection (optional)
Displacement (cm3)
Mounting flange
SAE A Ø82,55 2 Holes
Drive gear
SAE J498-9T-16/32-SAE A
Set valve