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83048475 - PUMP SERIES 42 - 42L28-C-E1A6-03-C2A-2FNA-2525-BNN-NNN - NNN Expand

83048475 - PUMP SERIES 42 - 42L28-C-E1A6-03-C2A-2FNA-2525-BNN-NNN - NNN

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42L28-C-E1A6-03-C2A-2FNA-2525-BNN-NNN - NNN

The Series 42 pumps are servo controlled, axial piston pumps designed for closed circuit applications.

Product line: Series 42 pumps
Pump type: In-line, axial piston, positive displacement variable pumps including cradle swashplate and servo control
Direction of input rotation: Clockwise or counterclockwise available
Filtration configuration: Suction or charge pressure filtration
Other system requirements: Independent braking system, suitable reservoir and heat exchanger.

Rotation L Left-hand, CCW
Control E1A6 EDC, 14-85ma,MS-HI GAIN
Shaft C XDC, ORB, wLF, No-FltrPd
Filtration A Suction, No Adapter

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