83045586 - MOTOR SERIES H1 - H1B160A-L2BA-NBPB-DSLS-SA20NN-000N00-NNN
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83045586 - MOTOR SERIES H1 - H1B160A-L2BA-NBPB-DSLS-SA20NN-000N00-NNN

Series H1 variable displacement motors are bent axis design, incorporating spherical pistons. These motors are designed primarily to be combined with other products in closed circuit systems to transfer and control hydraulic power. Series H1 motors have a large maximum/minimum displacement ratio of 5:1 and high output speed capabilities.

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Frame Size
160 cc/rev
L2 el prop, 24V DT04, de-en max
BA w/o PCOR, w/o BPD, L*
Endcap Type & Ports
PB Prop, SP, Metric
Flange & Housing
DS DIN, Speed sensor
Shaft & Speed Ring
LS W50x2x30x24, w/ Speed ring
S Speed sensor-DTM 04-6P, 4.5-8V
Loop Flushing Relief Valve
20 20l/min,16 bar, no adjust
Minimum Displacement
000 min displacement