11289093 - ELECTRIC MACHINE EM-PMI300-T310-2800+NE2+RES1 - EDITRON
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11289093 - ELECTRIC MACHINE EM-PMI300-T310-2800+NE2+RES1 - EDITRON

Features and benefits

  • Extremely compact and robust structure
  • Highest efficiency (throughout the operating range) on the market
  • Low coolant flow requirements
  • Coolant temperature up to +65°C
  • IP65 enclosure class

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Power range from 41 kW to 94 kW, speed range from 1100 rpm up to 4000 rpm.

Our electric machines have been specifically developed for electric or hybrid drive trains in mobile work machines, buses or marine vessels. Designed for demanding applications, our machines are smaller, lighter and more efficient than conventional products on the market.