C221-0086-1N01-0 -  C221 MOTOR - BLACK BRUIN
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C221-0086-1N01-0 - C221 MOTOR - BLACK BRUIN

Model Code Description

  • Frame: C221
  • Displacement: 862 ccm/rev
  • Displacement Control: 1-speed, Fixed displacement, with mechanical freewheeling
  • Accessory: No speed sensor (speed sensor N/A)
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Rotating Displacement
flow direction A to B
flow direction B to A
at full displacement
at partial displacement
862 cm
Maximum Torque
with 100 bar
6170 Nm
1370 Nm
Max. Operating Power
at full displacement
at half displacement
42 kW
Max. Rotating Speed
at full displacement
at partial displacement
at freewheeling
182 rpm
450 rpm
Max. Engaging Speed (out of freewheeling) 91 rpm
Min. Rotating Speed (constant running) 2 rpm
Max. Working Pressure
peak pressure
intermittent ¹⁾
450 bar
450 bar
Max. Case Pressure
intermittent ¹⁾
2 bar
10 bar
Pilot Pressure for Internal Valve
valve engaged
valve relesed
Max. Flow Rate
at full displacement
at partial displacement
Parking Brake - SAHR
braking torque ³⁾
releasing pressure
max. releasing pressure
releasing displacement
releasing flow rate
6560 Nm
16 bar
30 bar
120 ccm
0,6 l/min
Service Brake - HASR
braking torque
max. braking pressure
Fluid Viscosity
25-50 cSt
15 cSt
Operating Temperature
< 70 °C
85 °C
Weight 75 kg
Tightening Torques ⁶⁾ ⁷⁾
hub interface
shaft interface
housing interface
728 Nm  M22x1,5  10.9
330 Nm  M16x2,0  12.9
64 Nm    M10X1,5  10.9