11153051 - CG150-2 CAN USB INTERFACE
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The Danfoss CG150-2 CAN Interface is an element of the PLUS+1® family of mobile machine management products. The CG150-2 provides a compact and cost effective gateway interface between PLUS+1® Compliant modules on the PLUS+1® Controller Area Network (CAN) and a personal computer (PC) USB port.

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The CG150-2 communicator provides the application download of programs to PLUS+1® Compliant devices on the PLUS+1® CAN network and upload/download of application tuning parameters. Device drivers are imbedded in the PLUS+1® GUIDE (Graphical User Integrated Development Environment) service and diagnostic tool software. The CG150-2 is compatible with Bosch CAN standard 2.0 A & B (standard and extended data frames) and USB standard 2.0 (Hi-speed).
• USB powered
• Supports CAN bit rates up to 1000 kb per second
• CAN messages are time-stamped in 100 ms increments
• Supports both 11-bit (CAN 2.0A) and 29- bit (CAN 2.0B) identifiers
• Supports data and remote frames
• Equipped with 110 cm [44 in] length USB cable and 30 cm [12 in] length CAN cable
• Interface the CAN bus with 9-pin D-SUB connector
• Designed for USB 2.0 (Hi-speed)
• Microsoft Windows XP®; 7; and 8 platforms
• Plug and Play installation